SEPTEMBER 21-24, 2023


“Harvest Gathering is a community based event that builds on each individuals attributes and skill sets to form a rich and diverse network of Nature/Traditional Skills Enthusiasts” ~ Mission Statement


*There are independent vendors with amazing bushcraft related items and crafts for sale so bring extra cash. 

*There is a trading blanket Sunday afternoon before closing (trades or cash)
*There will be a raffle with prizes to raise money for Harvest.

*Organizers are here to help Dee GibbsCasey ColemanDave RossChris Maeri and Barb Rutt If you have ANY questions or concerns, let us know!

* DO NOT ATTEND if you are ill and attendance is at your own risk.

Please do not bring dogs unless they are friendly, ALWAYS leashed and clean up after them please! 


Harvest Gathering is run by a volunteer committee, committed to bringing friends, naturalists, and earth based skills workers together to celebrate the changing seasons, and to spend time learning from each other.


A family oriented weekend of learning new things, socializing with like-minded people, and enjoying nature at it’s best. A full spectrum of 1-3 hour workshops will be offered over the weekend all run by participants.


Harvest Gathering was originally going to occur throughout Central Ontario.  We however found a home in our very first year, and we wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.  Our gatherings occur on the same land, outside of Lindsay, Ontario every year (about an hour’s drive North East of Toronto). When you register you will be sent full set of travelling directions. People come from all over Canada to this event, so car pooling is highly recommended, and you can connect on our FB event page to connect with others!


The gathering will start in the Evening on a Thursday, However, we can always use help setting up, so people arriving early are a wonderful benefit (we ask no one arrive before 2pm though). Events run until Sunday Evening. The opening fire starts promptly on FRIDAY at 6:30pm. We highly recommend trying to make the entire weekend and being there by Friday night at the latest. This really helps us all come together as a unified village, however if this is not possible for you, then we understand.


Very similar in design to our friends at the Headwaters Gathering, the Harvest Gathering was created to allow those who are in Central East/Eastern Ontario to be stewards in their own area, and without having to travel. Harvest gathering recognizes the need for us to connect with nature during our changing seasons, and that there are not many outlets for us to share our traditional information and skill sets with each other.  This is why the word “Community” is so often applied to this organization.  We are fostering those connections, and as a result, we are all stronger and more empowered because of it. As a community, we learn and grow together, throughout the year, and we bring the skills and knowledge we’ve gained with us to share, and strengthen us all.

How to Register:

REGISTRATION FOR 2023 Opens JULY 18, 2023! Check back often for updates. Registration is important for insurance liability, ensuring allergies/medical info is kept accessible, and to get an accurate count of participants


There are always opportunities to barter and trade at Harvest Gathering, so bringing a little extra money is always a good idea (though bringing something to trade is even better).
There are always opportunities to barter and trade at Harvest Gathering, so bringing a little extra money is always a good idea (though bringing something to trade is even better).

We require your donations to purchase and maintain group equipment, including water tanks, pots/pans, firewood, use of land, supplies for stewardship project etc. Fee will is set at $60/person or $25/youth 8-17, for the entire weekend of activities. Children 7 and under are free.  Prices at the door are $70 for adults and $30 for 8-17 year olds. Your food, shelter, and personal comforts are not included. We also ask participants to contribute towards our pot luck dinner we have on Saturday. Some workshops may have a cost to cover materials; such workshop costs will be specified on the schedule. If you are able bodied, you are also expected to help with camp chores such as: camp clean up, splitting firewood, setting up washing stations, cleaning outhouses, etc. You will be sign up for a work crew upon registration.