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RULES for Harvest Gathering Attendees and Workshop Presenters

1. Where a rule is not expressed, it is expected that All Persons Use Common Sense while attending Harvest Gathering. Talk to event organizers/hats re any questions or concerns.

2. Please Obey the Laws. This is private property but we are not exempt.

3. Remember this is a family friendly event – smoking & drinking are not acceptable especially in common areas.

4. Camping. There are designated camping areas, please use these. If you want to camp elsewhere confirm this with event organizers/hats BEFORE you setup.

5. Children must be monitored at all times.

6. All pets must be leashed at all times.

7. No open fires except in designated area(s). Please respect this request…we want the forest to be here when you leave.

8. Use and Store all Sharps safely (this means knives, axes, tools etc.).

9. PLEASE. No foraging or harvesting except as part of event workshops. (if everyone takes something esp. rare, from the land nothing will be there for the future.)

10. You are responsible for your own Garbage and other items. Please bag it and take when you leave.

11. Stay on the Property. DO NOT trespass onto neighboring land. If there are unharvested crops, please do Not walk on them. See map of land for boundaries.

12. Leave the land better than you found it.

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