Harvest Gathering is a community based event that builds on each individuals attributes and skill sets to form a rich and diverse network of Nature/Traditional Skills Enthusiasts.



We are volunteers, inspired to strengthen ourselves, our community, and our connection to nature.  The gathering is NOT for profit, and all funds raised go back into maintaining the event, year after year.

In trying to ensure our programming is diverse and all encompassing; we sat down with several researches in these arenas, and designed a list of common skills that all traditional communities would require to sustain themselves in this region of the world.  This list further breaks the skills down into their “skill types” (Fire, Water, Shelter, Food, Healing/Spiritual, and Utilitarian), and then separates the skills into ones that the entire community would know, that a few people would know, and speciality skills.

This list is available by clicking here.

There are three types of workshop leaders that contribute to our community learning model:

1)  **NEW** Organization Areas
2) Workshop Presenters
3) Community Facilitators

Organization Areas:
e are opening up the opportunity for other groups of people to have their own space at Harvest Gathering.  Wilderness Schools, Outdoor Gear Suppliers, Tripping Companies, and even Product Manufactures are all welcome to join us.  Each Organization area will be set up and maintained by that group, and they will host their own set of programming for the weekend (ideally in line with our skills list, which is linked above).  Each Organization Area will put on a minimum of six hours of programming, and in return for contributing to our community, they have the option to promote their group within their area how they see fit.  This is a “win/win” situation, as the organization has a means of directly connecting with their demographic, and the gathering receives enhanced programming, which increases our community learning.

Workshop Presenters:
Anyone who has wishes to run a workshop on a traditional skill they know, is always given the forum to share with us.  This has worked quite well in the past, but has also created it’s share of hurdles.   We call these people workshop presenters.  Ideally the subject matter coincides with one of the skills we’ve identified (see the above  link), but can be of any subject matter to do with enjoying nature and the outdoors.

Community Facilitators:
In 2012, we began a pilot to create a new style of workshops and leadership called community facilitators.  The way it works is quite simple on the surface, but the trickle down effect of it will create a momentum for our community that will build and build over the entire year, and spill over into the next!

Any previous Harvest Gathering Participant, who has a desire to improve their own traditional skills knowledge, inspire others, or to help our community grow; is asked to volunteer as a Facilitator of our gathering this fall.   The facilitator selects one or two skills from the list mentioned above (in any category) and endeavours to learn and practice as much as they can about it/them over the year.  At the gathering, it will be these skills that will be demonstrated and taught by the facilitators at our workshops.  Workshop lengths can be either one or two hours, depending on the content, and the facilitators comfort level.

It’s our goal that over the course of four gatherings, all skills listed will have been taught, and the process starts back at the beginning.  Facilitators after presenting their skills at a gathering, are encouraged to continue with that discipline over the following year, and come back with new information and techniques for a “200 level” workshop, or to choose another skill if they wish.

There are some tremendous advantages to this style of learning, to highlight a few:

1) Facilitators have challenged themselves to learn and grow over the course of the entire year, and have developed/honed a valuable skill set to the community.

2) It creates momentum throughout the year for discussion, mentoring, and smaller groups to learn and grow together.

3) It keeps our gatherings consistently diverse, with new skills and programming each year.

4) It makes scheduling the gathering more efficient and streamlined.

5) It passes a sense of responsibility of the community, onto the people who are a part of it.  Fostering community support and knowledge.

6) It ensures we are keeping to our mission statement of staying diverse and in strengthening both the community, AND as individuals.

Facilitators would also be taking on a leadership role at the gathering, generally leading a work crew, and helping with our communal activities.

We need 5-7 NEW Facilitators each year to stand up, accept the challenge, and help us build our community.  Those who feel so called, should look over the list and e-mail Dee as soon as they can with their choices.  As a community, we are also here with resources and mentors to assist with the learning curve.


Harvest Gathering 2017 Presenter Application

Please fill this out and return it to me either by Facebook Messenger or by email harvestagthering2017@gmail.com





Time required:

What days/times are you available/unavailable to teach this?

Is there a material fee?

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