We are a network and community from southern Ontario and beyond. We come together to share skills that keep us rooted in the natural rhythms of nature and to engage in stewardship/caretaking projects as a way of giving back to the land that supports us. Twice a year (spring & fall) we gather in large numbers for the Harvest Earth Skills Gathering. It is a weekend of workshops, story telling, trading goods, sharing knowledge, and celebrating life.

The gatherings emphasis is on traditional & ancient earth-based skills that help us build deep relationships with nature while learning about its cycles and ecosystems through direct interaction. Creating a resilient culture of nature connection is our intention. No prior experience is required.


Harvest Gathering is run by a volunteer committee, committed to bringing friends, naturalists, and earth based skills workers together to celebrate the changing seasons, and to spend time learning from each other.


A family oriented weekend of learning new things, socializing with like-minded people, and enjoying nature at it’s best. A full spectrum of short workshops will be offered over the weekend all run by participants.


Harvest Gathering takes place at different locations across Ontario. When you register you will be sent full set of travelling directions People come from all over Ontario to this event, so car pooling is highly recommended.


The gathering will start in the Evening of Friday,October 7th, However, we can always use help setting up, so people arriving early are a wonderful benefit. Events run until Sunday. The opening fire starts promptly on Friday at 6:30pm. We highly recommend trying to make the entire weekend and being there by Friday night at the latest. This really helps us all come together as a unified village, however if this is not possible for you, then we understand.


Originally conceived to be a harvest celebration with friends and claimed space to make time for learning new skills, and then a gathering of alumni from the various wilderness living schools around Ontario. It has now grown to be an inclusive event for anyone with a love for nature and a desire to engage in earth based skills and culture.

How to Register:

Contact Us. or phone 705 201 1013.

Registrations will begin in August.

We ask everyone register in advance so that the organizers can get an accurate idea of what workshops and programs to run, and what numbers to expect/plan for. Registration also is the only way to receive driving directions, and further information about the weekend. We’re also saving paper and ink resources by using this online format, unlike registration at the event which requires consuming extra materials. All persons attending are asked to register in advance.


We do not charge for this event, but we do ask for donations to purchase and maintain group equipment, including water tanks, pots/pans, firewood, use of land, supplies for stewardship project etc. The suggested donation to cover our expenses is $40. We also ask guests to contribute towards any pot luck meals we have for the weekend. Some workshops may have a cost to cover materials; such workshop costs will be specified on the schedule. You are also expected to help with camp chores such as: camp clean up, splitting firewood, setting up washing stations, cleaning outhouses, etc. You will be assigned a work crew upon arrival.

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