Insurance waivers MUST be filled out for all ADULT participants.

Please read carefully, sign online and then click the link below to let us know what volunteer team you are interested in.

You will then be directed to Eventbrite to finalize your registration.


Insurance Waiver below

The Harvest Gathering is a volunteer run event. It is not put on by an organization or individual. All participants are responsible for themselves & their children and their own well being, including personnel safety. Personal set-up, day to day logistics and grounds clean-up are individual responsibilities. You are part of a community that has ‘focused work crews’ that you will be asked to volunteer for. It is an expectation that you volunteer for a work crew and help with tasks such as: cutting firewood, maintaining wash stations, camp clean up, outhouse clean up, etc. In all workshops, demonstrations, and excursions conducted by the Harvest Gathering organizers, landowners and associates, reasonable care is taken to prevent serious injuries and to minimize accidents. The Participant (and parent or guardian for a minor) agrees that he/she is fully aware that survival, tracking, awareness training, and all other workshops and activities, may be dangerous. The Participant hereby agrees to accept full responsibility and assume all risks, including those caused by acts of God, injury, death, and/or loss to his/her person and/or property knowingly and voluntarily. The Participant agrees to obey the rules and regulations set forth by organizers, landowners and associates, put into effect to minimize these risks and to use common sense when determining actions to be taken where rules are not given (see ‘Rules’ posted at Registration Area). The Participant knowingly, voluntarily, and irrevocably waives any and all past, present, and/or future claims due to injuries, death, or loss, including those caused by acts of God, received while participating in activities conducted at the Harvest Gathering by any of the organizers, landowners and associates and as a participant, spectator, and/or visitor, or in any other manner or form, taking part in the exercises, practices, excursions, and/or demonstrations of said survival, tracking, awareness training. The Participant certifies that he/she is physically capable to participate in the said survival, tracking, awareness program despite the rigours and potential dangers inherent in such an undertaking. The Participant accepts all responsibility for injury, death, and/or loss to his/her person and/or property, including those caused by acts of God and for the rigours and dangers inherent in the undertaking. The Participant further agrees that he or she or a minor child in their care is fully responsible for any and all damages that he/she or they may cause either by accident or by deliberate action to another participant, associate or to the land owner their properties or adjoining properties.

Please all be aware that bringing dogs and other pets is discouraged. If a participant does choose to bring a pet you must take full responsibility for its actions and all pets must be leashed at all times. The participant also agrees that if his/her pet causes any disturbances or makes any one feel unsafe they will be required to keep their pet tied up and away from the other participants for the full duration of the gathering or asked to remove the animal from the property. The participant who chooses to bring an animal agrees to be fully responsible for any and all damages that may occur to an individual or to any property belonging to another attendee, visitor, associate, participant or the property owner.

The property owner is loaning the space to Harvest Gathering. The Participant acknowledges that the Property Owner is Not Responsible for any loss or damages to persons or property no matter the cause. The Participant attends ‘At Their Own Risk’.

My completion of the form below indicates my acceptance of these terms and my desire to participate in the said nature experience as offered at the Harvest Gathering.

Please fill out all names in party including children, separated by a comma.

Alternatively, you can click waiver2022 to PRINT THE INSURANCE WAIVER, scan and email to us (or bring with you to the Gathering) To save on paper, please submit online if possible!